• Will the course be in Norwegian or in English ?
  • The course will be taught both in English as well as Norwegian and the teachers will communicate with the children both in English as well as Norwegian, so that children can understand the concepts better. Besides, our courses will provide an opportunity for the little kids to learn English.

  • What results can one expect from Brainobrain ?
  • We help the children realize their full potential and accordingly develop more skills. After the successful completion of the course, every parent can see the increase in the level of observation, grasping and retention abilities resulting in an overall performance of their child.

  • How are the children taught and assessed ?
  • Children are taught gradually step by step right from the concept stage. Each level of the course focus on particular aspect of developing the skills and accordingly the children are provided with adequate training. At the end of each level there will be an assessment and each child will be certified based on their individual performance.

  • How are the teachers trained ?
  • We are a professionally managed institute. We provide regular training to teachers. Our teachers are not only qualified but also well trained in our methodologies. Each level of the course will be taught by teachers with relevant qualifications and experience.

  • What is the role of parents ?
  • The role of parents is a crucial factor to derive maximum benefit from our courses. The participation of parents is paramount to the success of the child. It is simply not enough for the parents to just enrol their child in our courses. They must be prepared to spend adequate time with their children and help them in understanding the concepts and assisting them in their homework in order to really make a difference. The more the parents are committed and supportive the best they can get from their child through our course.

  • Do the children need to practice daily ?
  • Though we make the children understand the concepts and learn properly, regular practice is a must. A daily practice of 15-30 minutes is a must. It helps children to become more confident, competitive and highly proficient.

  • How does the course help in improving mathematical skills ?
  • Our Syllabus is a unique combination of various skill development activities. Mathematics is all about critical thinking and reasoning skills. We carefully integrate various aspects of learning that develop analytical and arithmetical skills which forms the foundation for mathematics.

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