Uniqueness of Little Brainobrain


  • Based on Multiple Intelligence

The Little BoB program is a holistic activity which exercise the multiple intelligence of your children-Logical, Lingusitic, Intrapersonal, Rhythmic, Kinesthetic, Spatial and natural intelligence

  • Based on VAK methodology

We nourish the difference in learning styles that are unique to your child empowering the learner in him.

  • Whole body learning

Little BOB is an activity program that is based on the principal that "learning is not only with your head". It encourages the children to use all their resource in learning. It encourages the children to use their resources in learning.

  • It is not the knowledge

It is the learner that's focused! The little BOB programme provides ample experiences to prepare your child to be a learner, than outcome the programme! we do not give fish; instead we teach them how to fish.

  • Play way method

Little BOB is a play way method in the fullest sense! Children play and learn by themselves. Little BOB is for the children, by the children and of the children!


Little Brainobrain will help your Child to develop Mental, Physical, Social skills, Emotional, Personality, Self-confidence, Arithmetic skills and increase their confidence towards academic excellence.


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