It is really good experience with Brainobrain. It gave me great confident to integrate in Norwegian society. Also I would like to take this opportunity for more children’s in Kristiansand and around. We are really looking forward to put more effort to it.



Joining with Brainobrain Norway opened the new possibilities and experiences for me as a person and a teacher. But the most important is that I got possibility to try myself as an entrepreneur and it is really exciting. Being the partner with Brainobrain Norway I got opportunity to realize myself in quite new field, to start my own company and be responsible not just for myself, but also for my employee, partners and students. In a way it is a challenge, but it gives a lot of meaningful moments and satisfaction. As entrepreneur I have opportunity to plan my working hours, to choose the most suitable place and time and to improvise training process. As a part of Brainobrain Norway I was as well given a possibility to meet plenty of new people from different areas of activities. It brings a lot of different experiences which helps to achieve improvements in activities of Brainobrain and even in my personal life. The main goal of my job is to give for each child the possibility to discover his/her potential to train Brain capacities, improve concentration, imagination and arithmetical skills. In Brainobrain Trondheim we really want to give children understanding of importance of learning and enjoy it.

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